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This bag will definitely keep you warm this fall/winter

Good news! This winter you can leave your home in your most comfy, fluffy outfit including huggable accessory. Following the teddy bear coat trend from last year, it was only a matter of time before that was getting translated into fluffy accessories, and here we are!

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Huggable accessory

According to Elizabeth von der Goltz of Net-a-Porter, wearing shearling accessories is a chic and innovative evolution of the teddy jacket. The shearling bag is the teddy coat under the bags. This bag is so soft that you want to cuddle with it all day long. The bag is comes in different sizes: from oversized totes and belt bags to small handbags. As soon as the temperature drops, we're convinced we will see this bag everywhere.

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Chanel, Fendi and Off-white

After teddy bear coats in all colors of the rainbow, the Scandinavian brand Stand launched the handbag version of this jacket this year (think of fluffy totes in raspberry, blue and green leopard print). Fendi also opts for the playful and colorful version of the trend and has many colored shearling bags in its range, such as pink, red, blue and orange. The cream-colored shearling bags from Chanel, Off-white and Wandler are slightly more chic in appearance and therefore the perfect combination of chic and comfy. Influencers Anna Nooshin and Emili Sindlev are already seen with a Chanel shearling bag. 

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