And there comes the regret moment

We all have it, that moment we feel like having too many stuff in our house, too many items we don’t wear anymore and too many new items coming in… So at a sudden moment we decide to clean our closet “just a little”… Our once loved designer items get replaced for new ones, a tragic moment.

Now let’s get to the point here, we are talking about the hidden treasures, the small clutchbags, which most of the time came in limited stockings. Comfort bags, you wear them easily over the shoulder, they are super light weight and god, they do look good with every outfit. Once a winning team, always a winning team!

And be honest at this point, you knew there was coming a time, your once oh-so loved shoulder friend would have your shoulder again and got your outfit covered for whatever was coming your way. But you ignored the gut feeling and dragged the old one out of the house. Well karma is here… So for those who kept their treasures: good job. For those who took them for granted at that time: sorry, you just made a big loss!

YES LADIES: THE SMALL SHOULDERBAG IS BIG AGAIN! This fall we see couture houses as Christian Dior, Fendi and Burberry bringing the old army back to life! Beneath here we made a selection of our top-5 favorite vintage shoulderbags carried around by top models, celebs and fashion-influencers. Fingers crossed you kept the good ones, but of course if not, no worries… Designer Vintage got you covered!

1. Queen of jetlags wears a really cute Chanel fanny pack

Instagram Noor de Groot

2. Emili Sindley wears a vintage saddle bag of Christian Dior

Instagram Emili Sindley

3. Bella Hadid carries a beautiful vintage saddle bag of Christian Dior

Instyle Bella Hadid

4. Lizzy vd Ligt wears a vintage Fendi bag

Instagram Lizzy vd Ligt

5. Bruna wears a vintage Louis Vuitton bag

Instagram Bruna

Want to cash out your own closet?