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Prada Cahier Bag

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house. Mario Prada founded the company in 1913. Only after Miuccia Prada inherited the company, Prada made its switch from a leather business to designing haute couture. Prada is definitely seen as one of the most influential fashion labels worldwide! The brand is known for its basic colours, clean lines and opulent fabrics. After debuting many IT bags, the new Prada Cahier Bag will probably become the new IT bag. Are you in doubt about whether you should purchase this beauty? We’ll make the decision easier! Because at the end of this article, you will know exactly what to do...

The Prada Cahier Bag is inspired by the bindings of antique books. The name Cahier is actually French for notebook. The bag comes in a few different sizes and materials. It was debuted on the runway of Fall 2016 and it has been a hit ever since! The dimensions of the bag are: 8” x 5.5” x 3.5” so it’s a small bag. But nevertheless, this bag is a perfect mix of classic and contemporary style. The unusual boxy shape makes this bag perfect because you can wear it with anything you want! The Cahier Bag has 2 compartments, creating a division in the middle. There is also a small patch pocket on the inside of the back panel.

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The Cahier Bag has many stunning features! As mentioned earlier, the bag comes in multiple colours and fabrications. Because of this, Prada makes sure that everyone will find a design that they love. Due to the boxy shape, the Cahier bag has a sturdy yet elegant appearance. The antique gold details are a timeless element. The bag comes with an adjustable strap as well, making it a perfect crossbody bag. Lastly, the Prada bags are known for the highest quality and its incredible craftsmanship. So this beauty will be your best companion for years…

There are, almost always, a few negative things that can be said about a bag. For the Cahier Bag, there are 3 things that can be a deal breaker for some people. Namely: the size, the price and the weight. The bag is somewhat small, as you can see from the dimensions. But even though you might think that this bag won’t hold much, the opposite is true. If you pack your bag strategically, you can put all your essentials in it! Then there is the price of the Cahier Bag. For a bag like this, the price point is rather high. You can get it for a whooping amount of €2400 (!). Another thing that might be an issue for some of you, is the weight of the bag. It is weighty but this is, of course, because of the quality leather and gold hardware.

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So all things considered, this bag is a true beauty and it has high potential to becoming Prada’s new IT bag! There are countless reasons why you should purchase this bag asap, but keep in mind the price point and the size + weight of the Cahier Bag. Do you have your eyes on the Prada Cahier Bag but is €2400 simply too much for you? You can always check out and maybe you’ll find this gem for less…

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