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3 fall proof bags that you can find on our platform

Round it up

It’s not the first time that the round bag is back in fashion and yet it takes some time getting used to. The shape of the bag is unique compared to the ‘normal’ bag. The bag can be worn chic as well as casual. The round bag is available in many variations. Think of different materials, different sizes and different prints.

If you want to look fashionable coming season, a round bag is a real must-have. We’ve selected our favourite round bag at the moment: the gorgeous Chloé Pixie bag. The Chloé Pixie is made of a combination of suede and leather and comes in different colour tones. Combine it with a fashionable outfit and you're good to go. 



If you like animal prints on bags, you'll be fine for the coming two seasons. Several animal print patterns will pass us this autumn and winter, including the crocodile print. This print strongly resembles the snake, only with larger scales and a rawer appearance. This is what makes this trend very cool.

We fell instantly in love with the golden crocodile print bag from Chanel. Because of the color and the pattern, the bag has a luxurious appearance. The golden hardware reinforces this luxurious effect even more. Each outfit is brightened up by this bag. The size of the bag is perfect. All the essentials, such as your phone, wallet and keys, fit in. We can guarantee you, you'll get a lot of compliments on this bag.


Back to school

One of the first bags you carried as a kid, the backpack, has made a comeback. The latest stylish backpacks are small in size. Only the important essentials fit in, so you can't take everything with you. For example, carry the backpack over one shoulder to give the bag a little twist. A big advantage of the backpack is that you are hands-free.

A small backpack that makes our hearts beat faster is the LV Palm Spring Reverse Backpack. Fashioned in Monogram Reverse, this trendy shape is the essential accessory for the sporty urban nomads. This surprisingly light backpack is comfortable and very practical, thanks to its relaxed construction offering a generous volume. 

Another favourite is the Hot Springs backpack from Louis Vuitton. This fashion-forward model is made of smooth patent leather and the season’s featured black-and-white Monogram canvas and ideal for a hands-free day. The straps can be positioned in multiple ways, for ultimate ease of carry. For your information: there are only a few made of this bag, so you won't easily see someone with the same bag.


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