On our platform everything revolves about authenticity. We are committed to a rigid zero-tolerance counterfeit policy. Reproductions, fakes or copies are not acceptable on our platform.


Our brand expertise

Our extensive team of designer brands experts, checks all of the just posted designer items on our platform. Our brand experts help us to keep the platform filled with only perfect authentic, pre-owned designer items. Each brand expert is specialized in her own brand in order to recognize a counterfeit on the spot!

How do we check on authenticity?

Before an item is posted online the expert of the brand carefully inspects the posted designer item based on the pictures uploaded by the seller. The expert takes a thorough look at the authenticity numbers, stitching, materials and hardware to make sure that the item is authentic.

Our Community Manager and Client Support team contact EVERY new seller on the platform to perform a complete profile check. Sellers must confirm with every posting that their pre-owned designer items are authentic. If we have any doubt about a seller, the background of an item the authenticity, we de-activate the advertisement and take appropriate measures.

What can you do?

If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of an item, please contact the seller for more information, more detailed pictures and authenticity numbers. You can also ask for the purchase location or the original receipt.

Might you still have doubts concerning an item, despite the thorough checks, please contact us immediately Please send a link to the posting in your e-mail.