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Gucci bags

Looking for the perfect vintage Gucci bag? What about the Gucci Dionysus, Bamboo, Marmont or Gucci Messenger bag? From mini to oversized formats, black and red to velvet bags, and the option for silver or gold hardware. The Gucci Fanny Pack is a bag you need to add to your wardrobe. Take a look at the Gucci bags we have available on our platform.

Gucci shoes

The Gucci Marmont Fringe boots, Arrow Ace sneakers or Jordaan loafers can be spotted everywhere. Good news, on our platform you can buy these shoes with a great discount. Wear the Gucci Marmont Boots with a skirt, logo panty and shirt for an amazing look. You can find many vintage Gucci shoes for sale prices on our website, all checked on authenticity by our experts.

Gucci accessories

The classic Gucci Marmont belt is a popular accessory. We wouldn’t be Designer-Vintage if we didn’t sell this item. Besides this belt, we also sell a lot of Gucci sunglasses, scarfs and card holders for sale prices.  

More Gucci

Would you like to know more about the brand Gucci? Take a look at the Gucci official website.