How it works

Designer-Vintage is thé online luxury platform for buying and selling authentic secondhand designer items. All items are carefully checked by our team of experts on authenticity.

Designer Vintage does not charge any commission, so all proceeds are for you! This also results in sharp pricing, a win-win situation.

At Designer-Vintage you pay a fixed fee beforehand to list your item. We also call this a 'credit'. This is a one-time payment for the placement of your advertisement. After your item gets sold, the entire proceeds are for you. There are no hidden costs at Designer-Vintage.

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Want to sell faster? Boost your advertisement with a refresh. A refresh gets your designer item at the top of the homepage again for extra visibility.

Once you’ve placed your designer item on Designer-Vintage, it will be online for 2 months. If you don’t sell your item within 2 months, you can reactivate your designer item by buying a new advertisement.

For example: You want to sell your Chanel bag for €3.500 via Designer-Vintage. Then you’ll pay a fixed fee of €49,95 beforehand. Once your item gets sold, you pay no commission, so all proceeds are for you!


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