Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci Sneakers are basically the best sneakers out there! These luxury sneakers even created a platform for sneakers where high fashion meets street wear. So the Gucci Ace Sneakers are definitely here to stay. Due to its quality and popularity, everyone wants to get their hands on a pair. Literally every fashion blogger owns a pair! The new collection of Gucci features The Classic Low-Top Ace Sneakers with a twist.

Ohh Couture

The new Ace Embroidered Sneakers feature crystal embroidered appliqués on the sides. The sneakers are available in white, black and red leather. White leather is the most popular of them all! The signature Web detail is, of course, still on the side. Gucci also made patches for those fashionistas who want to customize their sneakers or just funk it up. The patches have metal snaps at the back so that you can put it onto the sneakers.

Thrifts and Threads

The new collection features multiple variation of the classic version. You can, for example, get the sneakers with the embroidered appliqués. You can go for an arrow, a paperclip or something else. A different design features pearls on the side and spikes on the back. And the most extravagant of them all, has red/blue/gold leather with studs and spikes all over the shoe! So there is something made for everyone!

Getty Images

The shoes are durable and will last many years! The leather is scratch resistant and it’s really soft. Imperfections after wearing the sneakers can be rubbed out for the most part. The rubber sole makes the shoe comfortable. The price of the sneakers differs, due to the design. But the Ace Embroidered Sneakers retail for around €595! Does your bank account not allow this price point? Click here to check out our offer and find your dream Gucci sneaker for the best price!

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