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SNEAK PEEK: 10 Chanel items that you will find at our Pop-up Store

Next week we will open our second Pop-up Store and we couldn't be more excited! From vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Celine bags to the most beautiful clothing and shoes; you'll find it all at our Pop-up Store. 

To get a bit in the mood, we have prepared a list of 10 Chanel bags that are waiting for you at the Pop-up Store:

1. First in line; the classic Chanel flap bag (shocker!).

2. Besides the classic black Chanel flap bag, we also sell a jumbo in beautiful white.

3. The popular Chanel belt bag can't be missed at our Pop-up Store.

4. Besides looking good with this beautiful vintage Chanel shopper, you can actually store all your stuff in it. A win-win situation.

5. The burgundy Chanel backpack is a real must-have that you want to add to your collection.

6. This true vintage gem in patent leather is a rare find where not only you but also your wallet will be very happy with.

7. This semi-circular brown Chanel bag will give your outfit a boost and is definitely one of our favorite items.

8. With the Chanel flap bag with top handle you will always look good.

9. We will bring a large selection of Chanel flap bags to the Pop-up Store, including this red stunner.

10. This beautiful bag can be worn chic as well as casual. It's an item you can't go wrong with.

Which one is your favourite?

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