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The 8 boutiques with the most magical Christmas decorations

Christmas is peeking around the corner and our enthousiasm is reaching new peaks. Our favorite designer boutiques have been preparing for weeks and have unveiled the mos magical Christmas decorations. From Cartier, who decorated their boutique with gigantic bow to the understated chicness at Dior in Paris. We have selected our favorites, so go ahead let those fuzzy Christmas feelings warm up your heart.

Cartier boutique

Cartier wrapped it up and chose a sparkling pink bow.

Dior boutique

Dior opted for a Christmas tree in front of every door, complete with sparkling lights. Because one Christmas tree isn't enough ofcourse.

Chanel boutique

Chanel clearly went for understated chic vibes, with plain Christmas trees and an enormous Chanel logo. Ok, so perhaps not that understated.

Tiffany & Co boutique

Step into an oh so magical world, created by the experts of sparkle: Tiffany & Co. They went all out with in their shopping windows with a Christmas tree, sparkles everywhere, gifts and even a little dose of snow.

Louis Vuitton boutique

Louis Vuitton has the cutest shop window this year. We love the little origami-esque penguins.

Hermès boutique

Hermès stays close to their heritage with a focus on the colour orange. The best Christmas gifts come in orange boxes right?

Fendi boutique

We would love to have a miniature version of this Fendi Christmas ornament in our tree.

Dolce & Gabbana boutique

Dolce & Gabbana is ready for an amazing Christmas dinner with lovely flowers, romantic candles and beautiful dresses.

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