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9 Office Essentials

You've all heard the saying: 'If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better.' Of course nothing beats a good work ethic, but looking the part certainly helps too. That's why we've selected the 9 items that will instantly upgrade your office look. Hello, job promotion!

1. The Coat
A chic coat will make sure your first impression is one that lasts. Pick a neutral color and go for classic silhouettes and bold shoulders. Click here for the best office coats. 

2. A Blazer
The blazer is a quik-fix for a slim waist and defined shoulders. It's essential for office days and important meetings. Click here and shop an elegant blazer. 

3. Trousers
The black trouser is a versatile piece that always looks chic and effortles. Combine with a blouse and high heels for a classic office look. Get this Dior trouser or go for another perfect piece. 

4. White Blouse
The biggest staple piece in office attire: the white blouse. Show your personality by ditching the standard blouse and choose something with a ruffle, bow or an interesting fabric. Click here and shop the perfect white blouse.

5. The Dress
Ok, we talked about the blazer, blouse and trousers, time for dresses! The little black dress is perfect for the office and will look great at events and office gatherings too. Take a look at our dresses, click here

6. High Heels
There is no better way to achieve instant-self confidence than with a pair of high heels. A little tip: stash your heels at the office to reduce the chance of overtired feet at the end of the day. Cycling or driving is better done in flats anyway. Shop the most beautiful office heels at our site. 

7. The Bag
The Kelly bag is a perfect bag to take along to the job! Shop your own Hermès beauty!

8. Agenda
Your outfit is important, but your diary is even more important! A pretty piece will make checking your schedule a lot more fun! Shop the most gorgeous diaries here

9. Office Bag
This Mulberry office bag is perfect for your documents, diary and laptop. A strong office bag is vital for your #workmode. Click here for your very own Mulberry Bag. 

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