4 black bags that make you so happy!

It is summertime, we know. But a black bag fits any season. It’s very handy to have the perfect black bag through the year. A black bag will not only be useful during a lovely day on the terrace, but it will definitely make your festival outfit complete. Because of that we have put together the ultimate list of perfect black bags for you. We are very curious which bag will be your newest purchase and makes you happy! #myDV

1. Chanel Classic Flap Bag
This is our ultimate favourite in this list, of course. The bag is not only timeless, you can also upgrade any outfit with a Chanel bag. You can wear a really old jeans and together with a Chanel bag your outfit is perfect! Besides, a Chanel bag is a real investment. The value of this bag will increase over the years, so if you want to sell the bag in the future, you are assured of a big profit! Than you can buy a new one…because having no Chanel bag is not an option.

2. Gucci Marmont
Yes, the Gucci Marmont bag is very popular and is therefore absolutely indispensable in your collection. The Gucci Marmont bag is endless to combine with different outfits. And are you done with the Gucci trend? Then there is no doubt someone else who would like to buy the bag via Designer-Vintage! So you can buy a new one..

3. Céline trio bag
The name is clear and says it all. This handy bag contains 3 compartments, each of which can be locked with a zipper. You will be surprised of the fact how much really fits in this little bag. The bag is available in different colours, but the black one belongs to our favourites. That’s why it is on this list!

4. Louis Vuittton Pochette Metis
Last but not least. We are not surprised that there is a waiting list for this bag. What a beauty! If you know how to get one, you're really lucky because it's an honour to have this bag on your shoulder. And.. it keeps its value and will become more valuable actually. So do you want to make money with your Pochette Metis, now is the perfect time!

Not convinced yet or is black not your colour? Check out our offer for other bags and who knows you will find the perfect bag of your dreams today which will make you so happy!

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