8 fabulous fashion blogger closets

1. Christina Dueholm of Passions for Fashion
Christina Duelholm is a Danish fashion blogger who has a passion for fashion and trends. She lives in Copenhagen and works as a full-time blogger, designer and stylist. What you will find in her closer is a mix of high street and (high end) vintage finds.

Passions for Fashion

2. Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast
The Fashion Toast blogger, Rumi Neely has inspired hundreds of fans that worship her specific flavor of West Coast style. Her style is a marriage of Venice Beach, Paris and Tokyo, all smooshed together. It’s minimal and casual and very easy going. She doesn't want to overthink what she wears. Her fashion advice is: "don’t be too literal when it comes to following trends. You should always feel comfortable, as that makes you look confident. Also always experiment – it’s good to change things up."

Fashion Toast

3. Aimee Song of Song of Style
Aimee Song started out with a blog about interior design, but when she posted an outfit shot it got so much positive responses that she quickly changed course. She doesn't have a specific style, more of a mix and match. She organizes her closet by color and style and the best purchase that she ever made would be her blue python Céline bag.

The Coveteur

4. Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies
Rachel Parcell is a blogger and jewelry designer living just outside of Salt Lake City. Her style could be described by the name of her blog, girly clothes, floral prints and a lot of pink! Het goal is to help her readers find their unique style and achieve a truly fabulous wardrobe that will give them the confidence to chase their dreams.

Pink Peonies

5. Larissa Bruin of From Hats to Heels
From Hats to Heels was founded by Larissa Bruin, as a creative outlet to explore and express her vision, style and love for aesthetics. This psychologist-turnt-stylist uses her blog to radiate not only her love for fashion & beauty, but moreover the power of selfconfidence and sincerity. In her closet you will find crop tops, highwasted tops, jeans, feminine skirts and high heels. Her style could be described as feminine with a edgy touch, oh and she loves vintage finds.

From Hats to Heels

6. Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad 
The Blonde Salad is much more than a blog today , it’s a real source of inspiration and style for millions people in Italy and around the world. Chiara Ferragni collaborates with all the major Fashion Houses, and has been featured in all the major magazines, she is the creative director of her shoe line which is entirely Made in Italy. Her style evolves day by day. She told Lookbook in an interview: "I just dress the way I feel that morning, choosing the clothes and accessories. One day I can be a rocker girl and one day later I'm the nerdy one."

The Blonde Salad

7. Dulce Tejeda of Dulce Candy
Dulce Tejeda is a fulltime blogger and vlogger. On her youtube account she teaches DIY make-up where she has amassed over 2 million followers. She vlogs because she wants to inspire other girls: "I help them feel better through makeup and fashion.” Her style is eclectic because it's always changing. Dulce tries out different trends to see what works for her, but always incorporates a personal touch.

Dulce Candy

8. Thássia Naves of Blog da Thassia
Thassia Naves may only be in her early 20’s but her style screams wisdom beyond her years! In her closet you can find a combination between sophisticated and sassy outfits. Her personal favourites include Chanel, YSL and Valentino, but she is also a huge supporter of Brazilian designers such as Cris Barros.

Blog da Thassia

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