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Going hands free: The perfect bags for busy hands

If you are at a busy festival and you want to hold your drink, your bag and your phone. Or you are at the grocery store and your hands are totally full. The perfect hands free bag is what you need. Your top handle bag or wristlet may be the perfect pairing for that lunch date but for the days where you need your hands free, are here the bag solutions which remain practical while being perfectly on trend.

The ability to go hands free could not be made any easier. The backpack is a classic type of the sports luxe trend, with plenty of space to fit all your essentials, plus those extra bits you just couldn’t resist leaving behind. This bag can give you a sporty look, but it can be a real fashion statement too.

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Crossbody bags
The cross body bag is popular! The Saddle bag has made its comeback. You see it everywhere on social media and all the influencers are walking with the Dior Saddle. Ideal for a city break, shopping trip or casual day out. Most of the cross body bags have the perfect size for fitting in all the essentials. Like your phone, purse, sunglasses and lip balm. Whilst leaving your hands free to take pictures, browse shopping rails and pick up that hot drink you well and truly deserve.

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Belt bags
Alternatively known as ‘fanny pack’, the belt bag is the smallest, yet most essential addition to any festival or outdoor event. No longer just a practical piece for old grannies, this style of bag is gracing every Instagram influencer’s feed and every catwalk at fashion week. Wear on the waist or on your chest with shorts or a skirt or even over your jacket to get that fancy festival look. Now you are able to hold the essentials and keeps your hands free for dancing.

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