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It seems like the beaded bags are here to stay

Every experienced Instagrammer knows that the beaded bag trend from last year is still very much alive. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it because they make me really happy. I mean, they’re fun, reasonably priced, wearable year-round and an update to any outfit.

The return of the beaded bags can be largely credited to Hannah Weiland, founder of Shrimps. Her Antonia Queen Bag was an instant hit when the bag was first seen at the arms of Alexa Chung and Laura Jackson. “The bag was inspired by the idea of carrying jewellery on your arm. It makes you feel special”, Weiland says.

Another brand that really fed this 90’s trend is Susan Alexandra. She uses crystal beads in really cute box shapes with all sorts of colors. You may know her from her often fruity and rainbow coloured copies, like the iconic watermelon bag. Since then, many brands have added different versions of the bag on the market, like chunky beaded bags, drawstring pouches, and intricate seed beaded stunners. In other words; the possibilities are endless.

In need of some inspiration of how to combine this IT-bag? Take a look!

1. Antonia Bag Shrimps 

Instagram @camillecharriere
Instagram @stephaniebroek
Antonia Bag Shrimps Cream €520/ Black €545

2. Quinn Bag Shrimps

Instagram @emilisindlev
Quinn Bag Shrimps €505

3. Astrid Bag Shrimps

Instagram @annavinbaek
Astrid Bag Shrimps €505

4. Venezia Bag Shrimps

Instagram @mariabernad
Venezia Bag Shrimps €570

5. Bouquet Bag and the Seltzer Bag Susan Alexandra

Instagram @susan_alexandra
Bouquet Bag Susan Alexandra €311
The Seltzer Bag Susan Alexandra €320

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