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The 9 most crazy accessories you can buy in the Hermès webshop

Hermès has just blessed us all by expanding their online webshop with actual bags (versus just accessories). But besides browsing through collections of Garden totes, Bolide and Lindy bags, you can find some pretty random Hermès items in the webshops.

We've selected 9 of the most crazy items, that are available online. From a Hermès card deck to a leather elephant. We couldn't imagine splurging on these outrageous pieces anytime soon. But for the true Hermès fan (who's blessed with an enormous bank account) it's time to swoon and shop.

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Carré shawl hanging system

Hermès shawls are known for their beautiful, intricate designs and extraordinary quality. And even if you aren't a fan of wearing them, you can decorate your house with the iconic Carré. And for all the fans who are simply too lazy to find a suitable frame, the fashion house came up with a convenient hanging system. As expected, it doesn't come cheap. The hanging system costs €600 which is almost double the price of a scarf.

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Playing cards holder

We know what you're thinking. But no, this is not a wallet. This actually is a holder for playing cards. And even though it comes with a seriously hefty price tag (€706), Hermès doesn't even include a set of cards in the package. We feel cheated.

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Playing cards

Luckily, Hermès does sell a set of playing cards as well. For €162 you'll be able to play in style, or debt. 

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Plush horse

Hermes' connection with all things equestrian is part of a life-long heritage. The fashion house doesn't make any subtle references though, when it comes to this fluffy accessory. The perfect gift for a 6-year-old horse fanatic, with parents willing to spend €955. 

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Cup holder

Lots of people are blowing their budget on daily cappucino's. But the price tag that comes with your daily caffeine intake is nothing compared to this €372 cup holder. We have to credit Hermes with putting things in perspective. 

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Clickazoo leather elephant

We don't exactly understand the practical use of this leather elephant, but hey it's cute! Perhaps it's a chance to experience the extroadinary leather from Hermès, at a much friendlier price (€535) than the Birkin. But perhaps it would be more financially savvy to just ask for a quick feel at your local boutique.

Hermès 7/9

Filou glove clip

What to do with those gloves when you're not wearing them? Hermès comes with the answer in the shape of this very chic Filou glove clip. For €339 your gloves are in a safe place, or you can just stock up on a lifelong collection of gloves.

Hermès 8/9


Fancy books deserve fancy bookmarks. Read your favorite classic novels in style with this (very pricey) bookmark. Even though it costs €388, we have to admit we are slightly tempted to purchase one, if our bank account would allow it. 

Hermès 9/9

Drig headphone winder

Quite the practical fashion house, are they not? Relieve yourself from all those headphone-cable-frustrations with a chic winder (€215). The perfect gift for that girl who really does have it all.


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