Merchandise guidelines

Merchandise listed on is subject to certain site restrictions. Sellers on will be held responsible for verifying the legality of posted items.

The following postings are strictly prohibited by

• Counterfeit or non-authentic merchandise.

• Any item that violates national or international literary property and/or any other intellectual property.

• Adult material.

• Stolen property or merchandise with removed serial numbers.

• Merchandise still containing alarm tags or security devices.

• Mailing lists and/or personal information.

• Members are prohibited from using another user's product pictures or descriptions in their listings or VIP shop pages without obtaining the owners permission.

Violations of these policies may result in the following actions, but not limited to: 

• Posting cancellation, without no refund

• Restriction or cancellation of account privileges.

• Account supervision.

• Forfeit of fees on cancelled listings.

• In instances where policy violations have occurred, will notify both seller and potential buyer via email, thereby canceling the listing and transaction. You may report violations to by using the Contact Us link located on our homepage.