Chanel's Cruise 2015 Wallets, WOCs and Small Leather Goods

Chanel Boy Patent Coin Purse 
Price: €540

Chanel Boy Patent Wallet On Chain Bag
Price: €1975

Chanel Boy Small Double Wallet
Price: €658

Chanel Denim Pouch
Price: €870

Chanel Fabric Zipped Wallet 
Price: €705

Chanel Flap Card Holder
Price: €446

Chanel Glasses Case
Price: €1834

Chanel Lambskin Large Patchwork Pouch
Price: €1269

Chanel Large Fabric Pouch
Price: €564

Chanel Metallic Patent Wallet On Chain Bag
Price: €1834

Chanel Matallic Wallet With Chain Bag
Price: €1787

Chanel Patchwork Lambskin Pouch
Price: €1130

Chanel Patent Coin Purse
Price: €447

Chanel Patent Small Wallet
Price: €706

Chanel Quilted Card Holder
Price: €423

Chanel Quilted Flap Wallet
Price: €941

Chanel Quilted Zip Wallet
Price: €1059

Chanel Two-Tone Flap Wallet
Price: €988

Chanel Two-Tone Wallet On Chain Bag
Price: €2165

Chanel Two-Tone Wallet With Chain
Price: €1882

Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag
Price: €2353

Chanel Wallet With Chain
Price: €1976

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