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Everything you need to know about the bag that took over Instagram last month: The Dior 30 Montaigne-Bag

When Dior’s new 30 Montaigne bag was introduced at the beginning of May, Instagram exploded. Influencers and celebrities from all over the world posted photos with this new it-bag. The brand new model of the fashion house is named after the iconic address of Dior in Paris.

When Dior presented its pre-fall 2019 collection last December, the French fashion house introduced this new, medium-sized handbag. The bag is fairly simple; it is rectangular with a wide flap that is secured by a large CD buckle. It comes in various designs, including box calf and the well-known Dior Oblique-print.


Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Dior, explains:“My goal with this bag was to try and create a new classic which, through its design and key elements, would be a manifesto for rebooting Dior’s hallmark styles in a contemporary manner".  Pietro Beccari, chief executive of Dior, says that the 30 Montaigne bag immediately stood out because of its "togetherness". But what exactly does that mean?

He mentioned aspects such as the easy-to-wear size, the inviting shape, the logo clasp that is not only decorative, but also functional, and finally the price, which is below € 3000. Chiuri adds to that that she thinks the shoulder strap is the key factor of the 30 Montaigne bag because it makes the bag adjustable in relation to the body that wears it.

All these elements contribute to Dior's new it-bag.


What do you think of Dior's newest gem?

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