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Hermès leather guide

Hermès is mostly known for its fine use of leather. The brand offers a wide range of variety when it comes to the leather. Hermès has the widest range of leather any brand offers worldwide. The current collection features around 30 different types of leather. It might seem impossible to make a decision about which leather suits you best. Read this purchase guide and find out which leather is your perfect match! 

The alligator is available in matte and shiny (Lisse). Alligator leather is delicate and very expensive, yet the price tag is a little lower than the crocodile leather. The matte alligator is priced slightly higher than the glossy alligator. The plus side of the glossy alligator is that it can help disguise imperfections on the bag. The alligator is not water resistant.

Box calf
Box calf is the oldest leather. It is mostly found in vintage bags yet the box calf is still produced these days. The leather is known for its smooth appearance and it has a glossy finish. The leather holds it shape well. You should be careful when you wear the box calf, because it is highly susceptible to scratches. If the bag has some scratches, this could be buffed into the leather over time. If not, you can take the bag to the Hermès boutique for servicing. 

Ostrich leather is extremely durable and will probably last the longest out of all the leathers. This bag is pretty unique, because it changes with contact. Namely, when in contact with skin, the leather darkens and when exposed to light, it lightens. Plus, this leather is water resistant! Take good care of it, and you can love this beauty for many years!

Swift leather is soft and fine-grained. The leather absorbs dye extremely well, so this bag is extra gorgeous in a bright colour! The leather scratches easily because of the smooth texture, but the scratches can be rubbed out. If this does not work, you can always bring your bag to the Hermès Spa. The swift is very similar to the box calf, especially the smoothness is basically the same. Where it differs from the box calf, is that the leather is not as stiff and shiny.

Clemence is another extremely popular leather used by Hermès. The bag is matte, flat-grained, soft and heavy. The texture of the leather gives the bag a slightly more casual look than other leathers. Because of the grains, the leather is resistant to scratches. Unfortunately this leather is not water resistant. You should not overload the bag because then it can become slouchy. So be careful with putting heavy items in the bag!

Epsom leather is a popular stamped-grain leather. The bag is not soft, but it is very durable, lightweight and easily cared for. Unlike most other Hermès bags, the Epsom is embossed. Meaning that the grain is pressed into the leather. This gives it a more rigid and structured appearance than other leather types. The leather furthermore holds its shape perfectly and due to the texture, the bag shows scratching less.

Togo leather is probably the most popular leather ever! It is mostly used for Birkins, because it is lightweight but it still holds the original shape. Togo is just a little heavier than Clemence. The leather is scratch resistant and is fine-grained. A major plus, is when Togo leather is damaged it can be refurbished and it seems like you have a new bag all over again.

No matter what leather you are looking for, you are at the right place on! We have many different types of Hermès bags. Good luck finding the Hermès bag of your dreams! 

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