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Why is the price of the Hermès Birkin bag such a mystery?

We all love a little mystery around the big fashion houses. Their decades old traditions and little quirks only add to the feeling of luxury and heritage. But one of the biggest names in the handbag business does really keep the lid on tight. Hermès has build a whole smokescreen of mystery around their most popular bag, the Birkin. The most unobtainable bag in the world is also the world's best kept secret. No one is quite sure in what colors the Birkin will be available, which sizes and what type of leather will be used each season. On top of this, fans are completely mystified when it comes to production numbers and prices. As the media is communicating different numbers with each article, it's time to set the record straight. 

Why is there so much diversity in communicated prices?
The general secretiveness of Hermès doesn't help, but there are also several other factors in play when it comes to the fluctuating price of the Birkin. First of all, the many leather offerings result in some serious price variety. Another influencer, is the difference in international markets and correlating currencies. Because the Hermès Birkin is very much sought after, all over the world, currency and location effect the price of the bag. As with Chanel, the prices of Birkins increase quite frequently, which makes it tricky to look at a last years price list. And lastly, the media loves to inflate the price tag of the Birkin, communicating crazy high prices. 

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What does the Birkin actually cost?
We present you a list with the actual prices of a Birkin. We talk about the three most-common leathers and the four most used sizes. 

30 cm: €7000
35 cm: €7750
40 cm: €8450

25 cm: €5900
30 cm: €7000
35 cm: €7750
40 cm: €8450

25 cm: €6000
30 cm: €6950
35 cm: €7550

A pre-loved Hermès Birkin bag?
If you want to skip the waiting list, we advise you to invest in a secondhand Birkin. The prices for this pre-loved Hermès icon vary just as much secondhand as they do when bought in store. Our most friendly-priced Birkin bag is a Togo Birkin 35 in camel. Needless to say that hardware and leather play a big part in pricing, so don't flip if you see the price of our most expensive one. Even though the price tags are without a doubt the steepest in handbag history we also explain why a Birkin bag is worth its money. 



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