Secure Transfer Service

Need more certainty? Then use our Secure Payment Service for a secure purchase! We do an extra check on your purchase and send your dream item directly to you.

How does it work?

  1. The buyer transfers the agreed amount for the bought item into the Designer-Vintage bank account
  2. The seller sends the sold item to the Designer-Vintage office
  3. When we have received the item, we open the package and check it on authenticity. If the description matches the description in the posting, we forward the item to the buyer and transfer the money to the seller.

How can you use this service?

Easy! After you have decided to purchase that wonderful designer item, send an email to with a link to the posting. We will confirm the STS procedure to both parties by email and give instructions on how to handle things from there.

Who pays the fee?

This varies per purchase. One time the buyer pays, the other time the seller pays. Buyer and seller can also choose to share the fee, that is entirely up to you.

Service fee

Asking price item Costs Secure Transfer Service
< €1.000 €75
€1.000 - €2.500 €125
€2.500 - €5.500 €150
> €5.500 €200  

These fees apply for shipments within the Netherlands only. This is a global service and different fees are applicable for other countries, depending on the shipping costs. Let us inform you about special fees to your destination. Please note: the fee of the Secure Transfer Service does not include shipping costs.

Fore more information, feel free to contact us!
+31 20 262 3046