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Designer Vintage is the perfect place to sell your beloved designer items in an honest and reliable way. On this page you can find more information about how selling works, or start selling right away:

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Selling on Designer-Vintage is easy and rewarding. We take no commission on sales, so all proceeds are for you.

    Would you like to sell your designer items? Then create a free account at
    At Designer-Vintage we work with credits. With these credits you buy an advertisement. Depending on the price of your product, you decide the type of credit you need. Below you'll find the costs of the different credits.
    Upload at least 6 high-quality photos of your designer item, preferably in front of a white background (use a black background with white items). Do not forget to add photos of labels, packaging and/or proof of purchase. Start by uploading the photos and follow the steps. Give as many details as possible of your item. Don't have time to sell your items yourself? Then check our VIP service.
    After the item is uploaded, it is checked for authenticity by our team of experts. If the item is approved, the item will be placed online.
    Your item will be online for 2 months on Receive messages and likes from potential buyers. We recommend that you respond quickly to questions. Close the deal and send the item (insured) to the buyer.


Asking price item Costs single posting

Bundle of 5 postings (20% discount)

Bundle of 15 postings (12% discount)

€0 - €500 €19,95 €79,95 €210,00
€500 - €1.500 €37,50 €150,00 €395,00
> €1.500 €49,95 €199,95 €527,50

VIP service 

Are you in desperate need of a closet detox? But lack the time to clean out your closet yourself? Let us do the work for you! Use our VIP service for an effortless sale and cash out your closet.

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What are the costs?
For this service, you will only pay your credit for placement and 25% commission when an item is sold. An offer you can’t refuse!

VIP service