10 reasons why we love designer bags

30 October 2016

Your obsession with designer bags is totally normal. A bag is much more than just a random object. It tells something about our personalities and holds all the things that are important to us. For anyone who still doesn't know why designer bags are the best thing ever, read below. 

  1. Marry Poppins effect 
    Need a hair tie? Look through your bag. Need a lipstick? Look through your bag. Need a receipt from 4 weeks ago? Look through your bag! Everything that means something to you, is situated in your 2.55, which means you always have your personal tool-kit with you. The 'bottomless pit' always comes in useful and you'll always feel prepared. 
  2. Fashionable and functional 
    Most high-fashion items tend to be really impractical, think about high heels, short skirts and strapless dresses. Luckily, bags are very functional and go perfect with your everyday errands, while still looking incredibly good. The only product where high fashion meets real life.
  3. Part of your body
    The perfect bag is the one that gives you easy access to all the essentials, isn't too heavy to carry and almost becomes part of your body, and you'll forget that you're actually carrying one. We mean, you're attached to the hip with your favorite Chanel bag, right? 

  4. Worth the money, in comparison to other items
    Most of the time, buying a designer bag will still cost you a lot of money. But imagine if you spent the same amount on a party dress? You would probably wear it on five occassions and be done with it. In contrast, your bag can be used on a daily basis and you'll wear it for years to come. So financially savvy ladies will always go for a timeless leather piece.
  5. Family heirloom
    This definitely isn't applicable to all designer bags, as not all of them will stand the test of time. However, if you pass on a Chanel Classic Flap bags or anything from Hermès to your (grand) daughters, you'll be leaving them a valuable heirloom, with sentimental value. 
  6. Reflecting your personality 
    One of the most important things about fashion is that it reflects your personality, and this especially is the case for bags. The style of your signature piece says a lot about you. It could even show some of your most important values. If you are a vegan, you can opt for a faux leather bag from Stella McCartney. Don't want to be a part of fast fashion? Invest in a vintage Hermès Kelly.
  7. Low maintenance 
    Your bag needs some TLC from time to time, but bags are far less demanding then clothes. Think about washing, ironing, dry cleaning and so on... Luckily bags don't get wrinkled. 

  8. The perfect way to 'treat yourself'
    Finding the perfect bag is amazing. Yet, the thrill and excitement of buying a new designer bag is the best feeling, ever. Seeing a bag for the first time, realizing it's love at first sight, trips to the store to make that decision and finally buying it. A process that will never get boring. 
  9. Our best friend
    In good times and bad times, your bag will always be on your side. Facing that difficult job interview is much easier with a bag that oozes power. And what would your shopping spree without your favorite tote bag? 
  10. Little bit of luxury 
    We have been talking about treating yourself and that also includes a little bit of luxury on a daily basis. Most of us can't afford to dress up in designer every day, but buying a handbag is slightly more affordable, especially if you go vintage.