10 things you should know before reselling designer items online

26 October 2017

1. Check the prices of similar items stated by others
Probably the most difficult part of reselling items online, is to determine the price. It depends on many things. The condition, the trendiness and the release date are a few things that influence the price of a vintage item. If you want to be sure of the pricing, you can always check similar items and see what those sellers asked. We, at Designer-Vintage, can help you with the pricing of your designer items as well.

2. Don’t set the price too high
You cannot derive the price from the amount that you’ve paid at the time of purchase. This would be the perfect situation of course, but you should not set unrealistic goals. This will not only frustrate potential buyers, but you as well. We always advise you to set reasonable prices so that people want to do business with you!

3. Perfect photos are super important
The way you represent your item, is probably even more important than the right pricing. People won’t look at your item if the photos are of poor quality. The worst thing to do is to put images of the retailer online. You should always make multiple photos, preferably in natural light and with a white background. If you don’t have the time to do this, Designer-Vintage offers a VIP service where this is done for you.

4. Know the authenticity signifiers of the brand
People are willing to pay more for an item that they’re confident in. You can make sure you achieve this by knowing the authenticity signifiers of the brand you’re selling. These signifiers are often the details of, for example, the bag. The stitching, marking on the zippers, hot stamping and interior tags are a few examples. Make photos of these details and you will win over many vintage lovers!


5. Be vigilant as a seller
At Designer-Vintage.com you are in direct contact with the buyer of your pre-owned-with-love item. It is therefore really important to be vigilant as a seller. When buyers ask you to deviate from your wishes, you should think twice before agreeing. You should never agree to something that you’re not familiar with. This is pure self-protection.

6. Descriptive and detailed listings will help enormously
The description of the product should be descriptive, detailed and somewhat enthusiastic. Very important to mention, is the name of the brand and the design itself. So we’ll take a Chanel bag as an example. Instead of mentioning ‘Chanel Bag’ you should mention something like: ‘Chanel Red Jumbo Classic Flap Bag’. You could even make an advertisement in which you show your knowledge about fashion. This often attracts many potential buyers.

7. Be reasonable and kind
When reselling your designer item, you should aim for high ‘customer service’. Meaning that you should look at the purchase from a buyer point of view. Be kind and reasonable or help them with questions they might have. When you answer in a timely fashion and hold your part of the deal, people will probably buy from you again in the future!

8. Authenticity is key
You should be able to proof that your designer item is authentic. We, at Designer-Vintage, suggest you should attach as many proof as possible. You should always have the receipt of the purchase, this is extremely important. Do you have an authenticity card? Good! Attach this as well. Basically everything that might help support the evidence regarding the authenticity should be attached.


9. Use a Secure Transfer Service
The payment is probably the most risky part of the whole reselling process. You should use a payment service such as PayPal. But if you don’t completely trust this, we offer a Secure Transfer Service. With this service, the money transfer is done by Designer-Vintage and it is safer than usual.

10. Don’t forget the packaging
Buyers of designer items expect a high-end experience. Protective packaging is an important part of this. The packaging should be protective and attractive at the same time. When selling a bag, you should put the bag in its original dust bag. You can use bubble wrap for extra protection. Put it in a box and seal it. A tip from us, you should pack the item as if it is a new item, so that people will have the same experience!