3 things to consider before buying your designer bag online

13 January 2016

Buying a pre-owned designer bag online is a perfect solution to finding that limited edition you've been looking for. It's also the best way the score a crazy-good deal on your new purchase. But because you can't actually see or feel the bag until it arrives on your doorstep, here a few things to consider before sealing the deal!

1. Versatility
While you might think your smitten with a bold pink Chanel or are in love with that statement cobalt blue Birkin, it might not be the best choice for your designer bag. A neutral color is much more versatile and will be easier to combine with garments in brighter hues. If you are determined to go for an eye-cathing color we recommend that you buy a cheap high street bag in the color of your choice and try it out for a few weeks. If you still like it as much: you're ready to make the big purchase.

2. Practicality
Size and material will greatly affect your bag experience. While a jersey or linnen bag is much more affordable, it does stain easily. Therefore, you might want to consider saving up for a bag with bit more durability. The same goes for the size of your bag. A size too big, or too small, will leave you frustrated. A bag that is too large for your frame may feel incredibly heave or just look downright strange. If your designer piece is too small then you'll go crazy trying to stuff it with your daily essentials. We recommend you visit the boutique (of your brand of choice) to try out different materials and sizes.

3. Planning on reselling?
Do you already know that you'll resell the bag after a few months or years, make sure you're investing in a timeless piece. Some designer bags will resell very easily and some just aren't for everybody. For more information on the bags with the best reselling-value, read our tuturial on how to recognize the best investment pieces.

You are now totally prepared for purchasing your dream piece online. Take a look on Designer-Vintage and get inspired by the crazy amounts of Chanel bags, Hermès treasures and more.