4 books that will help you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle

25 March 2020

In an earlier article on the positive side effects of the home quarantine that we are all currently in, we explain that it might not be that bad to use this time to reflect on what we really need and value. To help you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, the Designer-Vintage team has listed 4 sustainable fashion books for you - and where to buy them.

1. The Conscious closet
Clothing is a way for us to express our personality and style. This was inspiration for Elizabeth L. Cline to write The Conscious Closet. Sometimes we want a change, less clothing or a minimalist style. Whether your goal is a classic capsule wardrobe, keeping up with trends without harming the environment, buying better quality, seeking ethical brands or all of the above? The conscious closet is packed with useful tools you need to achieve your goals. Elizabeth studies a new research into the impact of fashion and helps us to make optimal use of daily (fashion) choices. 

2. Slow Fashion
People Tree founder Safia Minney speaks to big names in the sustainable fashion world that offer alternatives to the current (polluting) fashion industry. She introduces designers, labels and various innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics. Her goal is to transform the fashion industry into an environmentally friendly and fair industry. After reading this book she shows us that this can really work!

3. Sustainable Fashion and Textiles
Kate Fletcher takes us into the world of sustainable fashion, in which in the first four chapters she explains the main stages of the life cycle everything about material cultivation/ extraction, production, use and disposal. In the remaining four chapters, she takes us through design approaches to changing the fashion industry, nature of consumption, service design, localization and user engagement. Each chapter explains a different part of the fashion industry and ultimately this together forms an innovative way of thinking about textiles and clothing. A book that explains in detail how the processes work.

4. Overdressed
After reading the conscious closet, we couldn't get enough of Elizabeth L. Cline's books. Cheap clothing is in our power and we prefer to change often and keep up with the trends. Fast fashion brands offer us the latest trends for the lowest prices, and because the trends come and go so quickly, we want more and more. Elizabeth searches for the true nature of the cheap fashion world. What do we do with all those cheap clothes? And why do we want more and more? What does the fashion industry do to us, our society and the economic well-being? Overdressed will inspire you to get your money budget in order and find your way back to being well dressed and feeling good in what you wear.

In short, enough reading material for you to get through your self-quarantine.