4 golden tips for a 'Happy Sale'

02 June 2017

Every now and then it is time to clean out your closet. We absolutely love it! By doing a ‘Closet detox’ you will not only earn money, you will also make someone else happy with the designer items you no longer wear.

Selling designer items is easy on Designer-Vintage.com. But how can you be sure of a ‘happy' sale? Here are 4 golden tips to get you started:

1. Make clear pictures
A good ad starts with making clear pictures. When you make beautiful pictures of the items, they will sell faster. Take your time to make sharp pictures with a white background. Make sure to take pictures of the details of the designer item and maybe put a picture in, wearing the item so the potential buyer can see how to wear it!

2. Determine the correct condition of the item
When you create an ad it is important that the correct condition of the item is mentioned. It would be very annoying if the buyer of your item is not satisfied after the purchase. Therefore, it is important that you are honest about the condition. If the condition of the item does not match the condition in the ad, we will ask you to undue the sale. You can never be to honest girls!

3. Keep the correspondence in your DV account
It is important to keep all correspondence about the item in the Designer-Vintage account. If you do so, we can always read the conversation and give you advise where necessary.

4. Ship your items insured
You don’t want your designer item to get lost on it's way to her new owner. Therefore we always recommend that you ship the items insured. For example use a track and trace shipping service like UPS. 

If you have any questions about selling on Designer-Vintage please e-mail us on: support@designer-vintage.com