4 spring bags inspired by Flowder

03 May 2016

This week, we're finally treated to a good dose of vitamin D. Spring is in full bloom and the clouds have made way for days and days of sunshine. With the dawn of the new season, it's time to ditch your Chanel 2.55 in classic black and inject some color into your wardrobe with punching pinks and positively pleasant yellows. 

Designer bags with a touch of spring
In collaboration with Flowder, we've handpicked four spring bags, inspired by the colorful compositions of bouquets. Imagine yourself with a pink Birkin on your arm, while carrying a selection of fuchsia colored florals!

Our inspiration comes from bouquet service Flowder, founded by a group of passionate people with a love for florals. These flower enthusiasts make sure your home is filled with color and fragrance, even when the flora outside is in the darkest days of winter. 


Flowder bouquet meets Chanel Reissue in pink degrade


Flowder bouquet meets Mulberry Pembridge Bayswater in yellow

Dreamy bouquets & high end bags
Flowder's bouquets are just as carefully selected and composed as the collections from your favorite fashion houses. They have their very own flower stylist who arranges and orchistrates the most devine seasonal flowers into little pieces of artwork. We've picked four of our favorite bouquets and matched them with bags from Chanel, Hermès and more. 


Flowder bouquet meets Hermès Birkin in pink ostrich leather


Flowder bouquet meets Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain in purple