The 5 colour trends you should know for 2018

Alexandra Lapp
02 January 2018

Every year in December, the colour trends for the upcoming year are released. These colours are often already featured in the outfits of fashion bloggers during fashion week. It has been announced that the colours of 2018 will be frozen yellow and ultra violet. But there are other colours that will definitely be hot this upcoming year, such as tones of orange, neutrals and pink. Read on if you want to find out which colours you should buy your clothes and accessories in!

Bright colours will be star of the show in 2018! Bright colours such as orange are definitely making a comeback for the spring ’18 season! And we’re talking orange as in orange traffic cones so don’t hold back! If you love bright and vibrant colours, 2018 will be your year!


Yellow will be the IT colour of 2018, according to WGSN. Frozen yellow – a piercing near neon, with a strange and digital quality - will probably be the most popular tone of yellow thanks to Kanye West. With his Yeezy and Calabasas Season 2 collection, he created a stage for this extraordinary colour. Brands such as Alexander Wang and Balenciaga were soon to follow! Is bright yellow a bit too much for you? Don’t worry! Different tones of yellow will become super popular as well, such as mustard, lemon and marigold.

As you might’ve already noticed, is that pastels moved over and bright colours took their spot. Purple is another bright colour that will be hot this year! According to Pantone, the colour of 2018 will be ultra violet. A pretty purple shade that is extremely vibrant! Different tones, again, will also be featured into multiple collections. But the tone that will stand out, next to ultra violet, is lavender. Especially the combination of mint and lavender is super popular with fashion bloggers! 


Neutrals pop up each season and they remain popular! You can literally combine neutrals with anything. It’s a good colour palette to use for unisex clothing as this is becoming more popular as well. This year, you should look for colours like beige, brown and cream-colored pieces.

Last year, millennial pink was hot and happening but this hype is rapidly decreasing. But the colour in general is sticking. Now there is a new way of wearing it too! Combining pink with red looks absolutely amazing! But if you really want to make an impression, combine yellow, red and pink and you’re good to go!