5-piece french wardrobe

24 February 2016

Françaises are known for their effortlessly chic style. That's partly because of their crazy genetic advantage and partly because of the way they approach their wardrobe. French women tend to have a great closet of essentials and basics, all of exquisite quality. Each season they add statement pieces that bring out their personality and tase.

5-piece French wardrobe.  
And because we all love to emulate the Parisian style, this way of shopping has caught onto many fashion lovers around the world, and was named the 5-piece French wardrobe. In a nutshell this means that you have a fabulous collection of basics which you enrich (every season) with 5 stand-out pieces. This easy system does not only ensure a versatile wardrobe but will also help to choose better and buy less.

Back to basics: 
To kickstart your new wardrobe you'll first have to eliminate clothing from your wardrobe that you never wear or just do not love. However, make sure you have enough quality basics. If you're lacking these great basics, buy new staple pieces.

A good basic is an item that: 

  • You can wear over and over and over again (more than 30 times)
  • Goes with everything 
  • You pretty much can’t live without
  • Is the glue that helps you keep the rest of your wardrobe together
  • Is made of a good material and will last for a very long time 


Out with the old, in with the new 
After you have narrowed your wardrobe to essential basics, you have to limit your new purchases to five non-basic items per season. This keeps your wardrobe up-to-date and feeling fresh. These purchases should be items that show your personality and style. You can decide for yourself if you'll include or exclude accessories. Good luck!