5 reasons to splurge on Chanel ballet flats

15 July 2015

Who doesn't love ballet flats? They're comfortabl yet chic and are as timeless as the classic stiletto. One of the most coveted version of these flats is the classic Chanel ballerina. Known for its monochrome colors, little bows and cc-stitching, these beauties have a long history. Coco Chanel wore them herself, as she was quite the avocate for comfortable clothing for women. Ofcourse the question remains, to splurge or not to splurge on Chanel ballerina's? We'll give you 5 reasons why investing in these flats is a very good idea (as if you needed an excuse!). 

1. The flatness
It's all in the name. This treat for your feet has a very small heel which makes it easily wearable during a long shopping spree or a day at the office. The small heel still gives that little oomph of lift and length. 

2. The best travel companion
The flats fit snuggly in any hand luggage an our comfortable during long flights. When you arrive on your destination they are comfortable in both warm and colder weather, because of the breathable leather.






3. Classic & timeless
The Chanel ballerina has been loved for over fifty years and suits younger and older generations. These shoes will be your go-to flats for years and years to come.

4. Stylish and versatile 
There isn’t much you can’t wear a Chanel ballet flat with. From a simple jeans and T-shirt to a little black dress. Black flats are more formal while the lighter tones go well with your tanned stems in the summer.


5. Comfortable
Did we mention this already? These shoes are so comfortable. Unlike normal flats, the back of the shoe doesn't go too far up your heels, so you can forget about blisters. And the leather is oh so soft!