5 Reasons why everyone should own a Hermès Kelly

26 January 2017

The House of Hermès is one the biggest fashion houses on earth. Its known for its craftmanship and iconic bags. Hermès started creating leather saddles in 1837 and created their first ever bag in 1900. Lucky us! One of their, if not the most, known bags is the Birkin bag. The Birkin bag was created in 1984 and has been popular ever since. It's a large bag with a square shape and sporty yet elegant look.

Another Hermès bag that's just as perfect as the Birkin bag but is understated is the Kelly bag.  The original name was Sac à Dépêche first. After actrice and Monegasque princess Grace Kelly was spotted with the bag, Hermès decided to rename the bag. The Kelly bag is made of leather and is perfected with Hermès' logo in gold. But besides the features; why is The Kelly bag a must have? 

The five reasons why you should own a Kelly bag:

  1.  For a luxurious look
    The Kelly bag was designed as the ultimate look of luxury. It's made of leather and Hermès ironed the bag to smooth out the wrinkles in the calfskin. To top it of the bag has a perfectly stamped golden logo of Hermès. It has one handle on the top plus a shoulder strap. This gives you two options to carry the bag. Either in your hand or cross body. Who said elegance and handy didn't go together?
  2. Color your life
    No one does color better than Hermès. The Kelly bag comes in almost any color you can think of. From bright colors like orange, turquoise and yellow, to pastel colors and neutral color. With such a large variety in colors, Hermès gives you the option to complete your outfit in your own way. Whether it's a business meeting or a night out; Hermès has got your back.

  3.  Texture
    Besides color, Hermès got their bags in different sizes, kinds of leather and hardware options. This makes it even easier to find the bag of your dreams. No more tears over a bag thats got the perfect color but isn't made of the right material or the other way around. No more drooling over a bag made of the right material and in the right color but not the right size. 
  4. Authenticity
    The craftmanship of the Kelly is something else, in a good way. It's one of few fashion houses that's still an independent business. Hermès even started as family-owned business and managed to maintain that way over the years. This gives Hermès the opportunity to cultivate their craftmanship. Hermès never changed their production ways since 1930's. It's safe to say it's hard find bags more authenthic than this one.

  5. Hold their value
    Hermès might be a producer of the priciest bags in the industry but you're definitely not throwing that money away as you can sell it for the same price or even ask more. If you've had enough of your Kelly bag or need the money, you could sell it for more than you bought. But to be fair, it's only possible if you keep it in good condition. Worst case scenario? If you still sell the bag, don't keep it in perfect shape and lose just a little money. It's not that bad , right?