5 reasons why Gucci bags are worth the investment (and 1 reason why they're not)

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06 July 2021

Since Alessandro Michele took the reigns in the beginning of 2015, he transformed Gucci into one of the hottest designer brands of the moment. Next to gorgeous clothes and fantastic shoes, the Gucci bags are the real showponies of the collection as far as we're concerned. We've gathered some reasons why you should definitely invest in a Gucci bag, And because it's always wise to stay cricitical when it comes to big purchases, we added one argument against purchasing a Gucci bag.

1. Rich heritage

As any other major fashion house, Gucci has a very rich heritage. It was founded by the Italian Guccio Gucci, who got his inspiration from his first job in the British tourist business. After that he decided to combine British aesthetics with Italian craftsmanship. He opened his first shop in 1921, where he sold leather goods with the highest quality. Alessandro decided to embrace classic detailing and used the famous GG canvas in his collection, but also used the iconic GG buckle. Due to anti-logomania, we didn't really see the logo for a while, but it's back and better than ever.

2. Headturner

One thing that's for sure, is that any Gucci bag from the recent collections will make a lot of heads turn! The designs are flamboyant, bright, a bit quirky, but most of all: they are like little pieces of art. Alessandro uses patches, prints, bold colours, bows and a lot of animal icons, like the snake, the lion or the bee. The designs are all very Italian, as a nod to its original roots. Whether you decide to go for a totally embroidered Sylvie top handle bag or an all black Dionysus, you will definitely make a statement.

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3. Great resale value

As with many designer bags, you do need to pay quite an amount if you want to take that brown Gucci box home. Which is totally fine, as you get a lot in return. But even a bag you once desired more than anything can lose its luster. So, whenever you feel like the time is right to sell, it's reassuring to know that your bag has a great resale value. It's actually quite surprising how well certain Gucci bags maintain their value. Gucci is a brand that has been rising in popularity and therefore the resale value rises too. Ofcourse this does not apply to all bags. 

4. Big assortment 

Gucci has a very big assortment. By that we mean that one bag is available in multiple sizes and multiple colours, so there is always something that will suit your style. For example, the Dionysus and the GG Marmont are both available in multiple leathers, colour combinations and their sizes variate from small to large. Which ofcourse can also make your decision a lot harder... 

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5. Italian craftsmanship

Gucci started as a brand where Italian craftsmanship was most important and it's safe to say that nothing has changed. The bags are still handcrafted and a lot of attention is paid to the details that make the bags stand out. Think about the famous Gucci Bamboo bags, which take up 13 hours from one single artisan. We would choose one single Gucci bag over 10 high street bags anytime!

Yet, we need to be honest with you.

1. Why you shouldn't...

There is one single reason why you might not want to invest in a Gucci bag. Gucci is a brand that sells a lot of trend items, which means they're totally the bomb right now, but might not be later on. Therefore we suggest selling your bag quick, if you feel like you've worn it enough. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a big part of your investment back. Or choose a more timeless version of your favorite style. A Gucci Marmont in black leather is definitely more stable in value than a printed or velvet bag.