5 reasons why you should and shouldn't buy a Hermès Birkin

12 August 2016

If somebody asks you if they should invest in a Birkin, ofcourse you tend to say: 'YES'. But keep in mind that even though the Birkin might seem the very perfect bag, it's not meant for everyone. To help with deciding whether or not the Birkin is your perfect match, we've listed some pro's and con's. As our glasses are always half full, we will start with the reasons why you should buy a Hermès Birkin bag. 

The 5 reasons you should... 

  1. The mother of handbags 
    Let's be honest, the Birkin is an absolute icon and everyone knows. Whether you like the bag or not, you can't deny that its exclusiveness and elusiveness makes the bag the ultimate designer piece.
  2. Classic 
    The design of the Birkin is timeless, epitomising elegance, sophistication and class. If you buy this bag in your 30's, you will still love it when you're 60. 
  3. Quality
    The tiresome factors like the long wait and not knowing when you'll be able to purchase your Birkin, aren't for nothing. Every bag is artisan-made by extremely well-trained craftsmen. The materials are of the finest quality and it takes more than 18 hours to create a bag. 
  4. Heirloom
    Because the quality of the bag is so astonishing, it's easy to pass this heirloom to your daughter, or even granddaughter. Whenever your bag might be slightly scratched, you can bring it to the Hermès store for the spa treatment. For a small amount, your bag will be renewed and totally ready to be passed onto the next generation. 
  5. Colours and leathers
    It's possible to order the bag exactly as you want it, as Hermès has a laundry list of colours, leathers, sizes and hardware to choose from. No matter the season, if you have the right connections and you know where to be, you can find the Birkin of your dreams. 


... and the 5 reasons you shouldn't. 

  1. Multiple holidays
    One of the biggest con's would be the price. A Birkin is not cheap and you might want to remember that you could go on multiple holidays or buy a decent used car for the price of a bag. We've listed the prices of the three most used leathers and four most used sizes of the Hermès Birkin
  2. Not being able to enjoy it fully
    One of the many things you hear from Birkin bag buyers, is that they're terrified something might happen to their bag. Therefore some women hardly even use it, which is definitely a waste of such a beautiful bag, especially for that price. 
  3. Not practical
    Keep in mind that a Birkin bag can only be worn in the crook of your arm, or has to be worn as a hand held tote. You can't really take it grocery shopping, as your not able to hold your groceries and you Birkin at the same time. If you know you're more of a shoulder tote or cross body-bag kind of girl, we don't recommend the Birkin. 
  4. Weight
    If you're already very strong or if you're looking to train those arm muscles, this is the bag for you. Otherwise, we would advise you to only take a phone and a wallet with you, as the bag is very heavy. A Birkin Togo in 35 cm is approximately 1 kg. 
  5. Lifestyle bag
    A Birkin needs to fit your lifestyle, and by that we don't mean by that you should drink champagne all day (all though that does sound like a good idea). But if you're in a certain stadium in your life, the Birkin might not be the most useful bag. With multiple children running around, a Birkin might not work for you.