5 signs that you're a true Louis Vuitton lady

25 August 2016

The French fashion house has a history in luggage making so it's no wonder that comfort, sturdiness and practicality play a huge part in their collection of bags. Typical LV girls adore the treated canvas, the spaciousness and the Mon Monogram-service. Are you and Louis Vuitton a match made in fashion heaven? Find out with the checklist below. 

  1. Mon Monogram
    You live for the prints and motifs that are the core of the Louis Vuitton heritage. From Monogram to Damier, you believe the print really adds that distinct LV-character to the bag. The sight of that perfect ton-sur-ton Monogram makes your heart leap and you'd even consider purchasing a whole range of towels, organizers and luggage in the famous print. Plus, your living room could definitely use an old Louis Vuitton trunk as a coffee table.
  2. No copycats
    You have a big appreciation for craftmanship and quality and have zero tolerance when it comes to fake designer bags. A trait you share with the monsieur Louis Vuitton, who wasn't a fan of copycats either. He designed the damier and monogram to prevent his prints being counterfeited.
  3. Let's get personal
    You love to personalize and this is partly why you and Louis Vuitton are such a great match. In your opinion the Mon Mongram-service is what sets your bags apart, and really make them feel extra special. From hot stamping your initials to adding colorful stripes, you just can't get enough. 


  4. Leather? Canvas! 
    Be honest, you're probably not the most careful with your bags. But that's totally okay, since the LV canvas is one of the strongest materials out htere. The treated canvas is a durable material that stays pretty, even if you toss your bag around or get hit by some bad weather. 
  5. A city girl
    You adore the liveliness of any city and therefore your favourite holiday is a city trip, exploring all the beautiful things the many metropolises have to offer. You love to explore all the historical monuments, go shopping, tasting local cuisine and experience the nightlife of the big cities. Ofcourse you'll always bring your LV city guide