5 things you didn't know about iconic bags

20 January 2016

1. Chanel 2.55
You probably already know that the classic Chanel 2.55 is named after her date of birth: February 1955. But did you know that (according to myth) Coco Chanel chose red for the interior leather because of her weak eyesight? The bright color made it easier to find her things in the bag. 

2. Knot Clutch
It takes eight hours to weave the leather of the iconic Knot clutch from Italian designer Bottega Veneta. 

3. Balenciaga Motorcycle 
The Balenciaga Motercycle bags are one of the most popular bags in the world. But did you know that its design was first dismissed by the corporate heads at Balenciaga. Eventually, they allowed designer Nicolas Ghesquiere to produce some samples for the runway show. It was an instant hit! And after Kate Moss fell in love with the design, history was made. 

4. Lady Dior
The iconic Lady Dior bag is easily recognized by its intricate Cannage stitching. But did you know this design was inspired by the Napoleon III style chairs. Christian Dior was in love with the 19th century style and made it one of the iconic characteristics of Dior.

5. The First Lady
Grace had her Kelly bag, Jane had her Birkin bag and the House of Louis Vuitton made a custom speedy for Audrey Hepburn. But did you know that Gucci named a bag after Jackie Kennedy? The First Lady was a big fan of Gucci's classic shoulder bag 'Fifties Constance' and wore it everywhere in the seventies. Ofcourse she was a huge fashion icon in her time and women rushed to the boutiques to copy her style. Gucci quickly renamed the bag the 'Jackie O'.