The 6 essential logo bags of 2018

Getty Images
06 August 2018

Logo bags bring out a lot of strong opinions on both sides, you either can’t get enough of it or you rather have a more subtle design. But even when you aren’t fond of logo bags, you can’t help but notice a sudden influx of them. Logos have basically been popular even since brands started featuring them but logo bags sort of reached a peak for a while now. Even brands that have no history of monogrammed bags are trying to feature successful logo bags. You’ll find the 6 most essential logo bags of 2018 below!

1. Balenciaga Wheel Belt Bag
This bag is the perfect combination of multiple big trends! The big Balenciaga logo is combined with the fanny pack trend, which makes this IT-bag the platonic ideal for summer 2018!

2. Céline Made In Tote
Céline is known for their subtle designs, with a minimal to no use of logos. In Phoebe Philo’s latest collection, she featured one logo bag. For the first time! The tote is rather simple, in black and white, with a blown-up market of the Made in Italy stamp and of course, Céline in huge letters!

3. Dior Saddle Bag
The logo trend was super popular as well in the mid-2000s. So this year, Dior thought it was absolutely perfect to reinvent, so to say. That’s where the Dior Saddle Bag comes in to play. This bag comes in Dior’s signature print, which is the clearest illustration of that nostalgia.

4. Fendi Runaway Small Tote
The new Fendi bag feels nostalgic as well, due to the fact that Fendi stayed away from logos from quite some time. But Fendi came back even better, with this gorgeous design.


5. Gucci Guccy Mini Shoulder Bag
Gucci is known as one of the leaders when it comes to bringing back logos. The brand is extremely creative in using its name and logo in fun and different ways.

6. Valentino Rockstud Spikes Shoulder Bag
Valentino is not known for its use of logos at all because it doesn’t have a longstanding logo that people recognize as nostalgic. Now the brand is trying to bring logos into their designs, in a modern way.