6 reasons to own a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Lovely Pepa
06 May 2016

1. It's a classic 
The name Speedy will trick many into thinking that this bag is just a few decades old. Yet, in reality the Speedy was already a well loved fashion accessory back in the thirties! Unlinke many other bags, the Speedy has been in style for years and won't go out of style soon. So you can be sure that you've purchased a classic when choosing the Speedy. 

2. Perfect sizes 
The original size of the Speedy is 30 cm, which makes it manageable yet roomy. At the request of Audrey Hepburn herself, Louis Vuitton introduced a smaller version of 25 cm, which is still a very popular size today. Nowadays, the bag is also available in 35 and 40 cm.





3. Durability 
The classic version of the bag consists largely of sturdy canvas with leather handles, which over the years darken to a full patina. The canvas is waterproof, remains scratch-free and does not tear; the perfect material for a ‘heavy duty’ bag. Also, if your Speedy were to require repair, Vuitton has an excellent service that surpass those of almost all other brands.

4. Different materials 
There is a perfect Speedy for everyone as it comes in many different versions. Over the years the bag has been designed in dozens of different materials, designs and colors, but the classic shape of the bag has remained unchanged. If you’re not exactly in love with the typical Monogram canvas you can also choose for Damier, Epi or the playful Totem version. 

[image src="6-reasons-to-own-a-louis-vuitton-speedy-bag.jpg" style=""]Getty Images[/image]

5. Reasonable price 
Even though the price of a Speedy has gone up over the last years, the pricing is still very reasonable compared to other designer bags. Speedies start at €580 for the smallest Monogram version. For an iconic bag from one of the biggest luxury companies there are, it's a very good deal. 

6. You can make it your own
Are you worrying about not being the only one carrying the Speedy bag? You are able to create your own personal bag. The Speedy is one of the Louis Vuitton bags which is part of the Mon Monogram program, which makes it possible to add your initials and several stripes in the color combination of your choice.