6 reasons why Hermès bags are worth the money

01 March 2016

1. Hermès bags hold their value
Of course you pay a huge sum for a Hermès Birkin. But there is a big difference in spending your savings on a Birkin instead of a seasonal piece. A Hermès bag is extremely stable in price and wil even earn you money. At this moment, most Birkins sell for far above their retail price.

2. Hermès bags always look expensive
Ensuring that an expensive bag looks expensive is one of the most difficult things to do for a designer, but Hermès does this job like no other brand could. Every Hermès bag screams luxury and refinement. The leather is exquisite and every piece of a Hermès bag is made by hand (and it shows!). A Kelly, Birkin or Constance will certainly stand the test of time.

3. Master of color
Dying leather is especially hard with colors like red and purple, but Hermès has mastered it perfectly for practically every shade of the rainbow, including vivid colors. 

4. Endless choice 
In addition to color, Hermès bags also come in many different sizes, materials and hardware options. Whether you prefer a cute mini Kelly or a huge Birkin there is always a right design for you. This means you can customize your piece to perfection.

5. The traditional way 
Hermès is one of the few companies that remains independent and family-owned. This gives the company the ability to maintain its craftsmanship and employ hundreds of skilled artisans. Other brands usually farm out to big factories that often lack the same craftsmanship.

6. Even celebrities are willing to pay for a Hermès 
Hermès doesn't give out its products to celebrities or bloggers. Every person in the world from Kim Kardashion to the Queen of England has to pay exactly the same for a Birkin. A teeny tiny exception is made for Jane Birkin, the inspiration behind the brand's biggest bag. But even miss Birkin claims she has paid for Hermès bags.