6 reasons why you should own at least one Céline bag

19 December 2017

Céline is a French fashion company that was founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. Since 1996, the company has been owned by LVMH. The creative director of Céline is the extremely talented Phoebe Philo. The bags all have that same luxurious, minimalistic feel to it that many came to love. We could give you around a million reasons as to why you should buy a Céline bag! But we will give you the 6 best reasons.

1. Céline does not work with logo prints, hardware or anything else
The use of obvious logos on handbags is something you either love or hate. More and more people no longer feel the need to wear a handbag that screams the brand’s logo. They rather go for a more minimalistic approach. This is what the sophisticated consumers are wanting. Céline doesn’t currently design any kind of logo or monogram fabric. The only thing you’ll find that shows you’re wearing a Céline bag, is the ‘Céline’ in a tiny, metallic heat stamp on almost all the bags.

2. The interior is just as good as the exterior
For almost everyone, the exterior counts way more than the interior. But this is not the case for high-end fashion brands. A brand’s attention goes to the quality and detail, which mostly can be found on the inside. Where the corners are cut, flaws are most apparent and expensive materials are preserved. If you think about all the craftsmanship that goes into the interior of the bag, the high price tag certainly makes way more sense.


3. Breathtaking details
Céline bags are made with an exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. Every single aspect of the bag is well thought off and it shows! Perfect stitching, edging in other colours or simply a different colour of fabric for the lining, are enough to make a big impression. Did we just reveal your secret, Phoebe Philo?

4. Céline has some under-appreciated bags, which are truly stunning as well
Almost everyone knows the popular bags such as the Luggage Tote, Classic Box Bag, Trapeze Bag and the Trio Bag. Many fashion influencers wear these kind of bags. But there are so much more beautiful bags designed by Céline! So if you’re looking for a hidden treasure, read right on! Bags that are, unfortunately, under-appreciated are bags such as the Trotteur Bag, the Clasp Bag and the Belt Bag.

5. Céline is still an industrial frontrunner, with no signs of slowing
Since Phoebe Philo got the position of creative director, Céline went from being a fashion house on its way to bankruptcy, to being a frontrunner in the world of handbags. The industry’s most influential people are in love with Céline, and they know what they’re talking about! But can you blame them? Absolutely not! High quality and a timeless, but modern and sleek design, form a love affair that will last forever.


6. Céline bags truly are wardrobe-elevators
Due to the status and taste-level of a Céline bag, the bag can literally be worn with anything. It will definitely elevate your outfit and make it look almost infinitely more tasteful. All designs scream sophistication because of the demure hardware and the understated leather. So you can definitely wear your Céline bag with every outfit, casual or chic!