6 signs that tell if you’re addicted to bags

21 June 2016

1. You have a dream bag list 
When you spot the perfect designer bag in a magazine or on a blog, you immediately put it on your list of dreams bags. The only problem of this list is, that it contains more designer bags than you could ever afford. However you keep on adding moredesigner bags to your list, woops!

2. Dustbags are an essential 
Literally all your precious bags are under 24/7 protection of their dustbags. Except when you're wearing them and even then you are super cautious, as you want to keep all your designer bags in pristine condition. Putting your purse in a dustbag when you put it on your shelf is an essential part of your routine. 

3. Brand expert 
You can simply glance at any celebrity photo fore mere seconds and immediately name the designer and the price of the bag they are wearing and you automatically do this in your head all the time. 

4. You have definitely shed some tears when one of your bags got spoilt
You just can’t handle it when one of your bags loses its colour. You aren’t the stingy type but when it comes to your bags you’ll never lend them to anyone.

5. Now you’ve had fancy leather you can’t go back 
Now that you got used to the perfect quality of your designer bag it’s hard to go back to enjoying things that are merely average. You won’t buy that bag that looked so cute two years ago, anymore just because that quality isn’t as good as the quality of your beloved Kelly, 2.55 or Speedy bag.

6. You prefer spending your savings on bags rather than clothes
In your opinion bags are a significantly wiser investment than clothes as carrying a nice bag automatically makes everything you’re wearing look more expensive. Plus, your bags are stable in value, while your seasonal coat might lose its luster after a long winter.