6 signs you've got a Hermès heart

01 September 2016

If your heart would show its true colours, it would definitely turn Hermès-orange. As a true Hermès fangirl, you're a fan of classic bags with a history, exquisite craftsmanship and a touch of equastrian. Do you feel the last sentences describe you perfectly? Here are 6 signs that prove that you and Hermès are a match made in fashion heaven.

  1. The more exclusive, the better
    Exclusivity is something you either love or hate and you're definitely loving it. You don't mind being on a waiting list for several years to finally get your hands on a highly elusive, much sought after, beauty of a bag. This means not many people own a Birkin or Kelly, which makes it even better, because you don't really like omnipresent bags. 
  2. You love technology 
    One of your characteristic traits is that you're always online and your heart skips a beat whenever you see a pretty new phone, laptop or any other new gadget. You were over the moon, when your favourite gadget supplier Apple announced that they we're doing a collaboration with Hermès on their Applewatch. A perfect combination of fashion and technology, just the thing you needed. 


  3. Showpony 
    Horse riding is your sport of choice, undeniable. Eversince being little, you've always loved horses and spent a lot of days at the stables. Eventough you're time is now devided between work and other hobbies, you still apreciate a touch of equastrian in your luxury goods.
  4. Bathe in silk 
    If you could wear one fabric only, for the rest of your life, you would most certainly pick silk. You love the feel of this luxurious fabric and you would probably bathe in it if you could. You are mesmerized by its shimmering appearance and the softness of the cloth. You're favourite accessory is an Hermès scarf, excuse my French, the Hermès Carré.


  5. House with capital H
    As an absolute fan, you've Hermèssed your whole house. You love their classical and luxurious styles and want to make sure your house fits your personality. You've bought tons of home accessories like cushions and lamps and added some orange touches to your interior. What's not to love?
  6. Orange is your favourite colour 
    The sunny tangerine hue is your absolute favourite colour. You like your bright orange bracelets and little orange details. It reminds you of summer and you get an instant happy feeling when looking at this vibrant colour. Ofcourse you also get this happy feeling when receiving one of those many orange boxes. But don't we all?