6 things you didn't know about Christian Louboutin

29 January 2016

1. The nineties
Did you know that Christian Louboutin began his career as a shoe designer back in 1982? He designed shoes for labels such as Chanel and Saint Laurent. He started his own shoe line in the nineties and he opened his first store in 1991. A year later he envisioned the (now super famous) red soles, which sky-rocketed his career.

2. High-profile customers
Princess Caroline of Monaca, Diane von Furstenberg, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Queen Jetsun of Bhutan are one of the high-profile customers of mister Louboutin.

3. The house(s) of Christian Louboutin
Well, if you’re a great designer, you can’t have one house. Christian Louboutin, the king of the stiletto, owns four! Including a house on the seaside of the Vendée region in France, with its own museum that holds 8000 pairs of shoes! When can we stop by?

4. King of the stiletto’s
Now you already know that Christian Louboutin is the king of the stiletto’s, but shoes aren’t the only products he designs. Did you know that he also designs handbags, with the fabulous signature red fabric inside? And besides fashion he recently launched a make-up collection.

5. Your own custom made Louboutins
Yes, you can get your own custom made Louboutins, but only if you're one of the lucky few. And Louboutin will never reveal your name: 'I feel like a designer and also like a doctor. A doctor has secrets, and a doctor never speaks of his patients. When I do things that are public for my patient around a movie, I would easily discuss it. But otherwise I do not discuss my patient-slash-client, as a good doctor should.'

6. Christian Louboutin Men
If you hear the name Christian Louboutin you probably think about red soles and high heels, but did you know that Louboutin also designs men's shoes?