7 facts about Coco Chanel

15 January 2016

1. Sunkissed skin
Did you know that Coco Chanel made sunkissed skin popular? After a trip in Cannes, her skin was a little tanned and because Coco was so well loved in Paris, she was copied by many Parisiennes. Back in the day it was unusual to have a tan and a pale skin was thought to be more elegant. 

2. Orphan
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel was born in the French city of Samur, in 1883. She grew up in a big family as one of five childeren. Her mother passed away from tuberculosis when Coco was only 12 years old. After the tragic incident her father left, which meant that Coco was now an orphan. She lived in a convent for 6 years.

3. Catholic
Her years in the convent were strict. The Catholic upbringing in the orphanage has influenced her lifestyle. Her designs often refer to maltese crosses and byzantine influences.

4. Superstitious
Coco surrounded herself with talismans and charms for good luck. Symbols, wheatsheaf, four leaf clovers and a lion, were some of her favorite charms. She also had a lucky number: no. 5. 

5. Chanel no. 5
In 1922, Gabrielle Chanel introduced her first parfume Chanel no. 5. Coco was the first designer that actually named her fragrance after something other than the house name. Chanel's perfumer created 10 different perfumes for Coco Chanel. Gabrielle chose number 5, because this was her lucky number and ofcourse because the scent was devine. 

6. Chanel 31 rue Cambon
31 rue Cambon is the address of her first Chanel boutique and continues to be in use today. Did you know that her private quarters were situated above her boutique? But the funny thing is that Gabrielle actually never lived in het appartment, because she preferred the Ritz hotel. She died in 1971 in her hotel room in the Parisian hotel, at the age of 88.

7. The smell of Coco's house
Funny fact: Gabrielle Chanel used to spray her entire room with Chanel no.5. A constant reminder of her hard work.