7 reasons why Christian Louboutin heels are worth the money

12 April 2016

1. Louboutins elevate any outfit 
That red sole provides an instant style boost to every outfit. The heels elongate your legs and will make you feel great whatever you're wearing.

2. Prices are rising
Buy your Louboutins now and you will probably spend a lot less than you would a few years later. This also means that if you take good care of your favorite footwear, the resale price will be reasonable which is not always the case when it comes to heels. 

3. Quality like no other shoe 
When you think of Louboutins you think of great quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The shoes are made by hand from the most exquisite leather and will last you a lot longer than a high street pair. 





4. Red bottoms are forever 
No other brand has managed to mark it shoes in the way Christian Louboutin did. He painted the bottom of his footwear with red lacquer in the early 1990's and ever since that day the red soles have sustained their popularity and will certainly do so in the future. 

5. You can your own custom made Louboutins
Yes, you can get your own custom made Louboutins, but only if you're one of the lucky few. And Louboutin will never reveal your secret shoe obsession, according to mister Louboutin himsel: 'I feel like a designer and also like a doctor. A doctor has secrets, and a doctor never speaks of his patients.





6. Works of art 
Christian Louboutin's seasonal shoes are works of art. From edgy shoes with chains and spikes to outstanding materials like python and snakeskin. The perfect eye-catcher to any LBD.

7. So sexy 
The classic Louboutin shoes are luxe and elegant but most of all sexy. The shape, the red soles and the material make for the sexiest heels known to man. According to Christian Louboutin heels are sexy because "one moves more slowly in heels. Walking fast is neither sexy nor engaging. Nobody notices the people who race around. If you're walking in heels, you've got time. It's much more attractive."