7 reasons why designer bags are better than clothes

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22 August 2016

Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love clothes, but if we have to choose between a very expensive piece of clothing or a bag... Well, you probably know what our answer will be right?

While clothing loses its value as quickly as a brand new car, designer bags are often quite stable in value and can even turn into a profit. But ofcourse the investment-part is just one piece of our argumentation. We present you 7 reasons why handbags are better than clothes. 

  1. Dirty laundry 
    Whatever piece of clothing you buy, you eventually have to wash or dry-clean it. All those hours spend into hand washing your new woollen sweaters and ironing your blouses, ain't nobody got time for that. Truth be told, a bag does need some TLC every once in a while, but it definitely is less high maintanance than your silk Chanel dresses.
  2. Fitting room drama
    Seriously, nothing is more frustrating than not fitting into your new dress. You might go up a size, down a size, have a snack-attack or work out like a true fitgirl in the gym, the fact remains that clothing is made in a certain size and you either fit in it or you don't. Your handbag on the other hand doesn't care when the scale goes up, and will be your loyal companion whatever age or dress size.  
  3. Everyday use 
    The cost per wear of a bag is amongst the lowest of fashion. It makes more sense to spend €2000 on a bag, than on a designer dress. A bag can easily be worn every day, for a whole year. With a dress it's a complete different story, it's certainly a little weird if you wore it every day, for the coming year. Next to that, leather will only become prettier after wearing it for a longer time, but we can't really say the same for textiles. 


  4. No pain 
    Remember the feeling of the first walk in your new leather shoes, when you feel blisters appearing and you wish you could take them off because they hurt so much? Well you don't have that issue with bags. Ok, you got us there, a heavy piece like a big Bikin might give you some uneasy sensations, but at least you're working on those biceps, right?
  5. Never go out of style
    There are only a few pieces of clothing that are truly timeless, but since fashion is changing so fast, most items are only fun for one season. There are so many iconic bags that will never go out of style. For example, a Chanel classic flap bag is a bag that will not only be loved by you, but by your daughters and granddaughters too. 
  6. Making a statement 
    A handbag is an instant outfit boost, it can make a simple outfit chic or a chic outfit more casual. Bags are the biggest statement-makers of an outfit. Besides being easy on the eyes, a bag also has a practical use. Imagine carrying all your things by hand?
  7. That's what we call a solid investment
    Clothes work kind of the same way as cars, once you have bought them, their value drops immediately. So if don't feel like wearing a certain designer dress anymore, you will only sell it for a fraction of the original retail price. Bags have a very solid value, especially when you buy an investment piece. Recently research has shown that the Chanel classic flap bag has risen in its worth with 70% and the price is still going up. If you buy one now, you can re-sell it for way more in about 10 years.