7 things only handbag lovers understand

08 February 2016

1. Being a bag lover, you know exactly how to take care of you bags
You know every cleaning routine for each of your bags by heart, from your Louis Vuitton to the lambskin on your 2.55. You keep them away from moisture and fill them up with paper to retain their shape. 



2. You prefer spending your savings on bags rather than clothes
Bags are worth way more money than clothes as carrying a nice bag automatically makes everything you’re wearing look more expensive. Plus, your bags are stable in value, while your seasonal coat might lose its luster after a long winter.

3. People always tell how you could have better spend that money on something else
“You could have done so much more with that money than buying a handbag” But it never stopped you from buying an expensive handbag the next time you went shopping because you know they are worth every last penny. I mean, who could argue with the resale value of a Birkin?



4. Your goal in life is to own a bag of each type 
You dream about owning one a bag in every possible color and design, because sometimes you like a little black bag while other times you'll love you big, red statement bag. You probably already made a list of the bags your going to buy next. 

5. Buying a bag is the best feeling in the world
Nothing makes you more happy than unboxing an online order or choosing a handbag from your favorite department store.



6. You probably know more about designer bags than every other subject in class
You know the name of every Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag and the material of which they are made and could easily give a 5 hour presentation about them. 

7. Your world collapses if one of your bags gets spoilt 
You just can’t handle it when one of your bags loses its colour. You aren’t the stingy type but when it comes to your bags you’ll never lend them to anyone.