8 Reasons Why Hermès Bags Are Totally Worth Your Money

01 January 2019

Hermès has been the market leader in (really) expensive designer bags for many years now. There are tons of reasons that explain why this is, but we wanted to share the 8 most significant reasons with you! You already know that a Hermès bag is an investment of a lifetime. But there are so many things that contribute to the high price… After reading this article, the purchase of a Birkin will be totally worth it!

1. Hermès values tradition
Hermès still remains an independent company, meaning that it’s fully family-owned. This is what differentiates the items from other brands. Because the company is independent and family-owned, they have the flexibility to maintain its old-world craftsmanship and skilled employees. Combine these two, and you get the luxurious Hermès bags everyone adores! If you compare Hermès to other designer brands, you’ll find that many companies outsource their production to cost-effective factories. Because of this, workers often lack the skills and training so the high level of craftsmanship decreases. So keeping it traditional, as Hermès is doing, is eventually the best thing a company can do!

2. Hermès bags come as close to perfection as a handbag can get
All the bags produced by Hermès are hand-made. When a bag is made by human hands, there can always be a possibility that the bag isn’t without flaws. But Hermès strives to perfection! The company has standards that’ll make sure that the leather is 100% blemish-free, the stitching tight and the hardware free of any scratches. If, by any chance, your bag looks slightly worn, you can always go to the Hermès Bag Spa. The people who work there, often can do miracles!

3. Hermès bags always have an expensive appearance
One of the most difficult things for a designer is ensuring that an expensive bag looks expensive. Hermès does a good job at ensuring this as much as possible. Even the vintage bags still look luxurious because of the fine materials and careful construction. So even though the bag costs a lot (like really, a lot) Hermès makes sure that you always get what you pay for!


4. The value of Hermès bags never fluctuates
When you buy a Birkin, you know it’s a huge investment. But if it would be needed, you can always resell your bag. Hermès bags never lose their value so you can price it the same as the retail price. But you can also, if the bag is still in perfect condition, sell your bag for more than the retail price. This is a good thing to keep in mind when buying a Hermès bag. The purchase might hurt less because of it.

5. Hermès is known for its incredible use of colour
You could say that Hermès is the queen of colour! No other brand does it better than Hermès. Dying leather can be an extremely difficult process and especially ultra-saturated colours such as reds and purples can be really hard to do. Hermès, however, has mastered the skill of dying literally every colour of the rainbow. The collection of Hermès is full of variety, almost every colour you want, is available!

6. Endless choices
Hermès also offers a lot of variety in leather, size and hardware options next to the variety in colour. The types of leathers are endless! So there is something for literally everyone out there! It’s basically possible to create the Birkin of your dreams. It’s more difficult to lay your hands on one though…


7. Hermès doesn’t give away their bags to anyone, not even celebrities
Hermès is pretty much known for refusing to give away products for free to any celebrity. So you might think that the whole Kardashian family is sponsored by Hermès, but no, that’s not the case! Every single bag owned by them, and any other celebrity, is fully paid for. Even Jane Birkin, the muse for the Birkin Bag, paid the full price for the beauties (as she claims).

8. The sky is the limit
Is an elegant, (colourful) bag just too basic for you? Then there are many other options to choose from! If you want an unique and an even rarer Hermès bag, they can make it happen for you in many different ways. You can go for exotic, by buying an alligator or crocodile leather bag. If you’re a VIP customer, you can always go more extreme. The limited editions come with diamonds, gold and many other special specifications.

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