8 reasons why your designer bag obsession is totally normal

26 November 2015

Why do we women love handbags so much? And not just handbags but ten, twenty or a hundred of them? We give you 8 reasons why your handbag obsession is totally normal. With a little touch of sarcasm ofcourse!

1. Bags are a great investment.
As you all surely now, a designer bag is not a splurge, it's a great investment! If you invest in a Chanel flap bag now, you can sell the bag with a 10% increase in price, the next year. Ladies, bags are great for business

2. Bags are our closest friends.
Bags are there for us when we are in a hurry, when we need retail therapy and hold all our life's necessities. And sometimes we treat our bags better than our closest friends. So don't feel weird when you give your 2.55 a pet name.

3.  A designer bag will make your outfit instantly insta-proof
Wearing a basic tee and a boyfriend jeans? Pop on that hot pink Louis Vuitton bag and your whole outfit-game will change. All of a sudden your outfit is like a magnet for insta-likes.

4. A designer bag will make you smile, everyday and in every situation.
Wearing a Chloé Drew or a Louis Vuitton Alma, gives you that extra boost to get you through the day. Grabbing your make-up bag out of a beauty like that, gives you that little dose of joy to brighten you day.

5. A designer bag makes you a true Girlboss.
Wearing a designer bag to that special job interview will give you the inner strength to go after your dreams. #Girlboss

6. Waiting lists for designer bags make you feel special.
If you are waiting for that special edition Boy bag and it takes forever... don’t feel down. When the day comes and you get that limited edition, it will be worth it. And you'll love you new piece even more.

7.  Multiple bags give you the opportunity to switch up your style.
In a pastel phase? Wear that pastel-pink flap bag! In a sophisticated black mood? Wear that all black Saint Laurent! So many choices = so many outfits.

8.  No need for diets, your designer bag always fits.
You can drink that white wine all day and everyday because you don't have to worry about exploding out of your 2.55. Your bag will always be the perfect size.